thank you, nature,
from humans 

natura human (na·​tu·​ra hyü-mən // natura – latin for “nature”) is a handmade jewelry brand that dedicates gratitude to nature. 

we create jewelry using only materials from earth, such as, naturally occurring gemstones, metals, glass and wood beads. 

every piece is inspired by nature and named as a thank you to nature. ex: “thank you sun” “thank you water” “thank you pine trees”

our purpose is to connect humans with nature.

we plant one tree for every order. we were able to plant over a thousand trees in the year of 2021 thanks to the help of the humans that support our project. 

every collection is very limited and handmade to order. we will always value quality over quantity. 

our jewelry is shipped in recycled, compostable materials. 

we hope to contribute to a healthier future for earth and humankind.


^ my nature loving parents 
~ audrey